I have done a lot of reading challenges over the past few years...I'm hopelessly addicted to them.  Most of them I have done on Goodreads, but a couple I've done on here.  One of my on-going challenges I actually made up, even.  


HOW MANY PAGES hosted by Crazy Challenge Connection ( I have done this for a few years now)


2018, My challenge is for 42,000. 2017 My challenge was for 40,000. 2016 My challenge was 38,000.  So far, I've reached my goals in both 2016 and 2017, and I'm on track to exceed my goal by far for 2018.


A - Z ULTIMATE CHALLENGE hosted by ME @ Stress-Free Reading Challenges (feel free to join up over at GR.) 


My Challenge Post 


COLORS COUNT:  A NEW SHADE hosted by Crazy Challenge Connection ( I'm making good progress on this one).


My Challenge Post 


...to be continued.