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Leah's Bookish Obsession

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Out Of Area Library Cards

Did you know, even if you don't live in a certain library's district, you can sign up for an out-of-state eCard to check out eBooks and Audiobooks with?  There are only a few libraries that offer this, especially where they'll mail it to you.  I looked into the different libraries that offer this:


Brooklyn Public Library NY-- $50 a year (Works with email and they mail a physical card to you.)


*Orange County Library FL--  $125 a year (This one works for Out of USA Countries)


*Fairfax County Library VA--  $27 a year


Houston Public Library  TX--  $40 a year (This one does it all by email...even the Card gets emailed to you.)


*Free Library of Philadelphia  PA--  $50 a year (This one works for Out of USA Countries)


*note--I'm not certain if all these libraries will mail the card to you, but I think they do. 


I utilize both the Brooklyn, NY Library and the Houston Library.  They have long wait for holds especially Houston.  I've been using Brooklyn for 2 years (just paid for my 3rd year) and Houston for about six months.  I love it because I can use Libby (best Audiobook Player there is) through Overdrive.  My local library went to CloudLibrary, which has a horrible Audiobook Player.





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