First and foremost, I always try to write:



I always try to keep my reviews spoiler free, even if it's a 3rd book in a series.  The twist of course; is the video theme song.  Sometimes I choose a book's theme song, which is based entirely off my feelings of the story, or about what I took away from the story as a whole.  It all started because I was showering and listening to music, when a song came on from my playlist and I thought…that is so the theme song to my book (that I was currently reading).  Scratch that...I just don't have the time to put into that.   It seriously, started cutting into my actual reading time.


I’m always changing up the format for my reviews, but one I’ve kept constant, and plan to keep it that way; is my rating system, at least since I started it in April of 2015.  I never could decide between a straight 1 thru 5-star rating, and even adding in half stars wasn’t enough for me.  I thought about ranging my ratings from 1 thru 10, but even that didn’t really work for me.  Too confusing, I guess.  So, I started doing a decimal system where I might rate something a 4.3 stars, or 4.8 Stars.  Whatever I think fits, basically.  I come up with this rating by breaking it down with the different aspects of the story.  As of right now, I rate individually…Plot-Characters-The Feels-Theme-Flow-Backdrop (World Building)-Originality-Book Cover-Narration (if it’s an audiobook)- and last but not least the Ending.  Then I come up with an Overall Rating from those.



I'm a reader, I love to read and I like to post reviews about what I've read.  I don't usually post spoilers in my reviews because I like for my reviews to help people decide if they want to read something themselves.  I am always open to new genre's of books, if the synopsis sounds intriguing.  I have recently become addicted to reading challenges.  I have about 15 ongoing challenges, possibly more.


I live in Michigan, home to some of the craziest weather ever. I've never been to Florida (which is weird, almost everyone I know has).   I have seen the Atlantic and the Pacific Oceans, and in my opinion, neither compare to Lake Michigan. (No Salt Added)



The first picture is taken on a typical road in Michigan, the second is from the top of a lighthouse in Silver Lake, Mi. and the 3rd is a picture of Lake Michigan when it was frozen the winter of 2014/15.


I love my husband, my kids and my dog, Maia, in no particular order.  I have so many books on my Kindle that I never have time to read them all.  Some of which, I don't even want to read at this point.  Just because something's free doesn't mean I should buy it I've learned this the hard way.  I also make use of my public library via the Overdrive App.  Which is AWESOME, if you don't know how to use it, you can ask me.  I listen to Audiobooks through Overdrive too, and they are my new obsession.   I wish I could spend more time reading but unfortunately the bills have to be paid.  


My feet are almost always cold, which drives my husband nuts.  I do not like anything with zombies (again with the nightmares), except Zombieland it was just funny. Update 2017:  I also love the White Trash Zombie Series.  I used to watch a lot of different TV shows, but now I mostly just read.