Black Lies - Alessandra Torre

--Alessandre Torre, Black Lies.




Became a tech billionaire by his twentieth birthday. Has been in a relationship with me for 3 years.
Has proposed 4 times. Been rejected 4 times.

Cuts grass when he’s not banging housewives. Good with his hands, his mouth, and his cock. Has been pursued relentlessly by me for almost 2 years, whether he knows it or not.

Go ahead. Judge me. You have no idea what my love entails.

If you think you’ve heard this story before, trust me – you haven’t.



My Thoughts:


It's almost impossible to say anything about how I feel about this book and not give away the whole "secret".   I will give it a try though.  


The first half of this book frustrated me because I was fairly certain I knew where this was headed.  Of which I was right about, it just kept beating around the bush about it for way too long.  The second half was better, though.  Lately, I feel like I'm getting burned out on romance/new adult books because I feel...that SEX is not a plot, I need more to a story than just two people having sex all the time.  In the end, this did have a story to it and so I did end up liking it.  


P.S.  The SEX was rather explicit, so if you're into might really like this.