Flat-Out Sexy  - Erin McCarthy

--Erin McCarthy, Flat-Out Sexy.




Independent single mother Tamara Briggs wanted to find a new, sexy, no-strings-attached man--just not one as young as NASCAR driver Elec Monroe. But he sure does get her heart racing. And after she’s tricked into a blind date with him, Tamara gives in to her passion. Things screech to a halt, though, when he asks to meet her children. Whatever happened to wham-bam-thank-you ma’am? Suddenly Tamara has to decide how much risk she’s willing to take to experience the power of true love.



My Thoughts:


I listened to this on Audio, with narration by Emily Durante.  She was decently good, I'll give her four stars too. 


This was a cute, and quick listen on audio, and I enjoyed it.  Mostly predictable, but most romance is.  I liked the NASCAR angle that it had going on.  I don't really like NASCAR, (although it is my favorite thing to sleep to) but my Husband does, so I inadvertently know entirely too much about it.  This was "NASCAR" that was interesting to me.   


I also found the age difference between the H/h to be refreshing.   I don't know if I ever read a book that had the woman six years older than the man.   It is the same as my Husband and I; so I know for a fact that it can work.


I am even thinking that I might like to continue listening to the series on Audio.