Stolen Daisy: A Novel - Rachael Isaacson

Stolen Daisy by Rachael Isaacson




Protecting Daisy from their mother's wrath has always been Samantha's responsibility. She knows how to deflect attention. She knows how to bear the brunt of the abuse. She thought she could keep her sister safe. Then Daisy disappeared.

The fate of this young girl rests in the proficient hands of Detective Brody, but even with a dream team of law officials on his side, time is quickly running out. The investigation is surrounded by secrets and deception, and the closer Brody gets to the truth, the more he understands what’s at stake…and it is almost more 
than he can bear.




My Thoughts:


I liked this despite the typo's, despite the weirdness of being in the head of 3 year old sometimes, and also despite the somewhat, seriously cheesy ending.  Yes, despite all this I still liked it.  I just think she may need to work on the execution of the story as a whole.