The Young Elites - Marie Lu, Carla Corvo, Lannon Killea

This book is mesmerizing when coupled with the pics that Marie Lu has put on pinterest for this series.  Go to:  Marie Lu/The Young Elites.




Adelina Amouteru is a survivor of the blood plague: marked by a jagged scar, snow-white hair and lashes. Cast out by her family, Adelina has finally found a place to belong within the secret society of Young Elites. To some, the Elites are heroes, here to save innocents in desperate situations. But to the Inquisition Axis, the white-robed soldiers of Kenettra, they are monsters with demonic powers who must be brought to justice. As Adelina learns more about this perilous world where politics and magic clash, she soon realizes that her own powers may be in danger of bringing on an era of panic such as the world has never seen.



My Thoughts:


I listened to this on Audio, which was very well done by Carla Corvo for Adelina's parts and Lannon Killea for the male parts.  5 Stars for them.  


Fantasy isn't always something I can get into, but after seeing the pics that Marie Lu posted on pinterest for this upcoming new series she was writing, I knew I had to read it when it came out.  I think the pics made it possible for me to visualize everything in this novel more easily than I would have without them.  


In the beginning you feel so sad for Adelina and everything she endures from her father.  You root for her to have something good in her life, but Kenettra is not a nice place to live, especially if your marked by the blood plaque.  You hope that when she is found by the young elites that she will finally feel like she belongs somewhere... but...nothing is as it seems in this world.  This story is dark and the ending even darker and it left me feeling perplexed, and that is why I knocked off a half a star.


You have to let go of the need for everything to be happy and rosy in a story to enjoy this series.  This first book in the The Young Elites Series tantalized and intrigued me and I am eagerly anticipating the sequel to see where this series will go.