How to Save a Life - Sara Zarr, Ariadne Meyers, Cassandra Morris

This is not my usual kind of read...




Jill MacSweeney just wishes everything could go back to normal. But ever since her dad died, she’s been isolating herself from her boyfriend, her best friends—everyone who wants to support her. And when her mom decides to adopt a baby, it feels like she’s somehow trying to replace a lost family member with a new one.

Mandy Kalinowski understands what it’s like to grow up unwanted—to be raised by a mother who never intended to have a child. So when Mandy becomes pregnant, one thing she’s sure of is that she wants a better life for her baby. It’s harder to be sure of herself. Will she ever find someone to care for her, too?

As their worlds change around them, Jill and Mandy must learn to both let go and hold on, and that nothing is as easy—or as difficult—as it seems.



My Thoughts:


Yeah, this is different than what I usually read, there is zero action, unless you count crying as action.  There is a little scene with some self defense action, though.  I almost forgot about that. 


This book deals with a few different issues, one being the death of a parent.   Namely, that one parent you connected with the most.  For Jill it was her Dad, for me it was my Mom.  If there is one thing I learned when I lost my Mom it's that everyone deals with death in their own way, and everyone else has to let that person deal in their own way.  This book deals with that in a big way, and it's probably why I connected with it. 


There are some other issues dealt with too, like teen pregnancy and some I won't tell you about, so as not to give away the whole book.   You see things from more than one side and I really appreciated that about this book.


I listened on Audio with Ariadne Meyers and Cassandra Morris as the two narrators, for Jill and Mandy's voices.  While I don't know which one did which voice; I enjoyed them both and thought their voices fit the characters perfectly.  On a side note:  at first, Mandy's voice is very annoying and childish, but like I said it's fits her, after I listened for a little bit I didn't mind because it fit her.


My only qualm with this book is the whole deal with the guy on the train, I think his name is Alex...I think this could have been left out of the book completely.


If you like a book that makes you think and feel and with not a lot of confusing action scenes to cipher; or you just want something different than your usual fair than you might like this.