Night Sky: Night Sky, Book 1 - Suzanne Brockmann, Melanie Brockmann, Melanie Brockmann

I've read a lot of the Troubleshooter's Series by Suzanne Brockmann, and I enjoyed them...but this...I don't know?




"Hunted, kidnapped, bled destiny can be dangerous "

Skylar Reid s world has been turned upside down. Sasha, the little girl Skylar babysits, is kidnapped and believed to be murdered. Then Dana, a girl with extreme abilities, roars into town on a motorcycle, claiming Sasha has been taken by the Organization because of a hormone in her blood that gives her special abilities. To top it all off, Dana says Skylar has the hormone too. When they discover Sasha might still be alive, all bets are off. The teens must race to uncover the Organization and rescue Sasha before it s too late."


My Thoughts:


I really only gave this a chance because of Suzanne Brockmann's name on it, and probably accounts for at least one of those stars.  This is a collaboration with her daughter Melanie.  It reads like it was more Melanie's book; than her Mom's, though.  Which, may be because it's YA.


I listened on Audio, with narration done by Melanie Brockmann.  You would think that all the voice inflections and changes in dialogue would be spot on with one of the writers doing the narration, but, honestly I was not blown away.


My issues with the narration could stem from how utterly boring most of this book is.  There are incidents in this book (like the period/tampon debacle for starters) that could have been left out of the story, and made it a more entertaining read.  I really only got 'into' this book for the last hour or so.


It did have a diverse cast of characters in it, and most were likable, or at least had something likable about them.  In the end, I feel like there is just something off about it.  I just can't explain me, I tried.  :)