Firefight - Brandon Sanderson

I didn't like this as much as I liked Steelheart, but that's not to say I didn't like it.




They told David it was impossible--that even the Reckoners had never killed a High Epic. Yet, Steelheart--invincible, immortal, unconquerable--is dead. And he died by David's hand.

Eliminating Steelheart was supposed to make life more simple. Instead, it only made David realize he has questions. Big ones. And there's no one in Newcago who can give him the answers he needs.

Babylon Restored, the old borough of Manhattan, has possibilities, though. Ruled by the mysterious High Epic, Regalia, David is sure Babylon Restored will lead him to what he needs to find. And while entering another city oppressed by a High Epic despot is a gamble, David's willing to risk it. Because killing Steelheart left a hole in David's heart. A hole where his thirst for vengeance once lived. Somehow, he filled that hole with another Epic--Firefight. And he's willing to go on a quest darker, and more dangerous even, than the fight against Steelheart to find her, and to get his answers.



My Thoughts:


I did like it, in fact the ending was epic, twisty and pretty much blew my mind.  Just like with Steelheart, I didn't see it coming either.  The writing is superb and the imagination that came up with the backdrop that is New Babylon is genius.


I just struggled to get through the first three quarters of the book, it was kind of slow going for a while.  It may be that I was just in a slump and didn't feel like reading, or it could have been the fact that I really loathe reading books on the overdrive app.  It's so much better when there is a kindle book available for download.  The app is too glitchy.   


David is so likable as a mc, though...the things going on in that boys head really do crack me up. 


"Megan looked at me and blushed.  A blush looked good on her.  of course, so would soup, mud, or elephant ear wax.  Megan on a bad day outshined anyone else I'd ever known."


I'm not sure, but I think he might have it pretty bad for her. ;)  Unfortunately, we didn't see Megan until the middle of the book and then only for a little bit at a time, I was beginning to wonder why it was called Firefight.  I think Regalia would have been a better name for this book.