Virals - Kathy Reichs, Cristin Milioti

You know...funny thing, I think I wanted to read this because I thought it was like the show Dark Angel ( which I loved), but it turns out it wasn't anything like it.  ((shoulder shrug))  Not really sure why I thought that???




With this breakthrough novel, Bones mystery writer Kathy Reichs begins an offshoot sci-fi series for teens. In this launch volume, set on a secluded South Carolina island, Bones' niece Tory Brennan and her friends catch a virus that almost miraculously enhances their reflexes and senses, enabling them to literally catch a killer's scent. A fascinating concept artfully applied. Bones, the television show based on Reichs' adult series, continues to be successful in its sixth season.


My Thoughts:


I don't know if I would call this a breakthrough novel, but then again, I've never read any other Kathy Reichs books...


Kathy Reichs writes books about Temperence Brennermen (Bones) and they are usually more geared towards adults.  In this she jumps into the Young Adult genre.  I feel as if my biggest problem with this book is it trys to hard to be Young Adult and therefore comes off as to juvenile.


The story itself is not unsatisfactory, it's just executed somewhat poorly for me.  The Mystery was good and I was surprised at the end, with how it turned out. The setting of the islands off the shores of North Carolina were interesting too.


I listened on Audio, with narration done by Cristin Milioti, and while the narrator was not one of my favorites, it still probably saved the book from getting a lower rating from me.  The best part about the narration was the addition of music to the intense situations within it; and I'll admit the first time it sounded I jumped because it scared the beejeezus out of me, but I got used to them and found them an interesting addition.