Volition - Lily Paradis

"When you were dark and twisty inside, you learned to recognize those qualities in others.  You came together, like magnets, because you couldn't help it."

--Lily Paradis, Volition




You know that feeling in the pit of your stomach that stays with you, then tears you apart slowly at first, and all at once shreds every fiber of your being?

It’s because you’re contradicting the universe.

Everything lines up so perfectly that you couldn’t have imagined it to work out better, but then you have to go and do everything humanly possible to ruin it because you can’t stand to have it go right?

That’s what I did.

I did it because there’s a darkness that surrounds me, and I think I want it there.

My name is Tate McKenna, and my soul is blacker than my heart.



My Thoughts:


If your thinking that synopsis doesn't give you enough information about this book for you decide whether on not you want to read this, well then your not alone, because that is how I felt too. 


This is one of those books you need to go into blind and just trust it not to disappoint.  I did, and I wasn't disappointed in the least. 


I'll tell you this, Tate McKenna would get along swimmingly with Meredith and Christina from Grey's Anatomy.  This is not your usual girl meets boy, falls in love with boy and lives happily ever after kind of story. 


It's different.


And it worked.


Awesome story.