Unleashed - Sophie Jordan

Book Title:  Unleashed 

Author:   Sophie Jordan 

Narration:   Rebecca Gibel 

Series:  Uninvited #2 


Overall Rating : 2.7/5


❖❖Why I picked that quote:  A lot of readers didn't like this book because of the change in the Hero.  I was put off by it myself, nevertheless, in real life sometimes you choose the wrong person and don't really realize it until you actually meet the right person for you.  This quote, for me, comes the closest to saying that.❖❖


Breakdown of Rating


Plot:  2.7/5 

Characters:  3.5/5 

Theme:  3/5 

Flow:  3/5 

Originality:  4.5/5  

Book Cover:  2.5/5 

The Feels:  2.5/5  By putting a new guy in the role of Hero...she took a risk, and I like that.   On one hand  I really liked Sean, so at first it was difficult to contemplate.  On the other hand, Caden does seem like a better fit for Davy.

Narration:  2.5/5  Not good at all, I really don't think she fit what I imagined Davy to sound like.   I think, maybe, I should have read this one instead.

Ending:     2.7/5.  The ending seemed rushed, like there really should have been a third book.   Cliffhanger:  No. There is an epilogue too.


Will I continue the series:  This is a duology  So..no more books.




Unleashed, the romantic, high-stakes sequel to New York Times bestselling author Sophie Jordan's Uninvited, is perfect for fans of James Patterson's Confessions of a Murder Suspect.

Davy has spent the last few months trying to come to terms with the fact that she tested positive for the kill gene HTS (also known as Homicidal Tendency Syndrome). She swore she would not let it change her, and that her DNA did not define her . . . but then she killed a man.

Now on the run, Davy must decide whether she'll be ruled by the kill gene or if she'll follow her heart and fight for her right to live free. But with her own potential for violence lying right beneath the surface, Davy doesn't even know if she can trust herself.



My Thoughts:


While I really thought the change-up was a gutsy move, in the end I felt like there really wasn't enough story. it mostly centered on the romance between Davy and Caden.  There was a twist at the end that I didn't really see coming and some small bits of action throughout, but I don't know it just wasn't there for me.  The "closure" for all the HTS Carriers was just like it was swept under the rug.  I didn't feel like it was a true resolution.