UNITED (Exalted Trilogy Book 3) - Tara Elizabeth

Book Title:  United 

Author:  Tara Elizabeth 

Series:  Exalted #3 

Source:  I Own Kindle 


Overall Rating:  2.5/5 


Breakdown of Rating✧ 


  • Plot:  2.5/5. What's with all the POV's?
  • Characters:  2.7/5  I did really like them in the first two books.
  • Theme:  3.7/5
  • Flow:  2.3/5
  • Originality:  3/5
  • Book Cover: 2/5. I really don't like the bra.
  • The Feels:  2/5
  • Ending:     3/5. Everything was just too tidy at the end.  Cliffhanger:  No, this is the last book in the series.


Rating for Entire Series:  3.5  This final installment really brought down the whole series for me.




In this last chapter of the Exalted Trilogy, Mena and her friends discover the meaning of freedom and the costs to keep it.

With Mena’s parents and friends missing, she and Ryker set out on a journey to find them and to warn the people of Toledo Lake about the imminent threat of retaliation from the First Republic. Things don’t go as planned, and Mena struggles to stay strong through all of her emotional perils.

New friendships form. Old friendships fade. War will do that to people—even the strongest of people.

Will Toledo Lake survive the wrath of Dr. Fredericks and his army? Will the Third Republic join in the attack?

Strength be with you, Mena.


My Thoughts:


Wow, I really didn't like the multiple POV's, there were just too many.  I really liked Ryker in the first two books, but being inside his head, he just seemed too wussified.  I really feel like she rushed through this just to get it done.  For a short book, I should have flew through this, but instead it took me days to finish.