#TripleX - Angelisa Stone, Christine Zolendz

Book Title: #TripleX
Author: Christine Zolendz and Angelisa Stone
Series: Stand Alone
Genre: Humor, Adult
Source: Own Kindle




✧✧Why I picked that quote:  This book is a bit raunchy and if you can't handle that kind of stuff, then this might not be the book for you.  It's actually even more raunchy than that.✧✧








Plot: 4.3/5  My only qualm is with the beginning; and the ridicule that they get for being fat, I didn't think people were that hostile towards overweight people.  It also seemed like it had no direction at first.
Characters: 4.8/5  I found it weird that they named the characters after themselves.
Theme: 4.8/5  Ultimately, it's about finding yourself and loving yourself.
Flow: 4.5/5  I would constantly forget whose head I was in.
Originality: 5/5
Book Cover: 5/5  Love it.
The Feels: 4.7/5
Sex Factor: hmmmm...something like that.
Ending: 4.8/5    Cliffhanger: No


Will I read more from these authors: Of Course...I have always been a fan of Christine Zolendz, and now, I am also a fan of Angelisa Stone too.




Does size really matter?

Two women spin a tale of comedy and new beginnings after they wake up and find themselves in a jail cell over 3000 miles away from home. Rehashing their adventure in front of a less-than-sympathetic judge, they give a laugh-out-loud and extremely detailed story of a road trip that finds them in a ton of trouble.

Battling age, weight, and their own personal demons, not only do they discover the open road and a life they misplaced somewhere in their 20s, they also find themselves. From breakups and stealing cars to blurry memories of something that might have happened in New Mexico, these two women will take you on a real journey, full of fun and, well, situations that people only write about and never really do….or do they?




This book was laugh-out-loud funny.  When I was reading it on break at work, I got a lot of strange looks because I was laughing so much.  It wasn't like I could tell them about it either because I would probably get even stranger looks then.


I didn't think this had any specific direction that the story was going in, but about halfway through, I realized that it did, and I really started liking it for the story then.  At first, I just liked it for the humor.  The scene with the "hot" yoga is freaking hilarious.  I loved it.