Splendor (Luxe Series #4) - Anna Godbersen

Book Title:  Splendor

Author:  Anna Godbersen

Narration:  Nina Siemaszko

Series:  Luxe #4

Genre:  YA, Soap Opera, Historical Romance

Publisher:  Harper Collins

Source:  Audiobook (Library via Overdrive)


This series, at its heart, is a soap opera.  A tabloid-esque drama circa 1900.  I believe the ending fit this series perfectly, and I really couldn't foresee it any other way.




  • Plot: 4.7/5 –A guilty pleasure through and through…Everything played out splendidly.  I think, I always felt this is the way it should have gone.
  • Characters: 4.5/5 –Conclusively, they all got what they deserved in the end.  From the good to the bad. 
  • The Feels: 4/5 --Not necessarily the conventional kind, more like the justification type.
  • Theme: 5/5 --Watch who you step on your way to the top, they just might trip you…
  • Flow: 4.5/5
  • Originality: 5/5
  • Book Cover: 4/5
  • Sex Factor: non-explicit
  • Narration: 4.3/5 --She grew on me, I think because I didn't have the problems with her on this book like I have with others previous.
  • Ending: 5/5 –I ultimately really liked how all the stories within this series were wrapped up, and the epilogue was superbly done.  Cliffhanger:  No, this is the final book in the series.


Will I read more from this Author?  I might




It’s a new year, and Manhattan’s favorite socialites are stirring up brand-new drama: Elizabeth uncovers a dangerous secret from her past; Diana has an opportunity to follow her heart—and claim her future, Lina discovers money can buy happiness (for a time), and Penelope finds that life without Henry brings unexpected pleasures. In this dramatic conclusion to the bestselling Luxe series, old ties are broken, fresh bonds are formed, and every decision comes at a cost.



WARNING:  This next paragraph is rather spoilerish…


In regards to the Henry/Diana/Penelope storyline; I know a lot of people are upset with the ending.  But I feel if Henry had stepped up and been a man when he first realized he was falling for Diana, he wouldn’t have gotten into the craptastic situation he ended up in, namely married to Penelope.  He seriously got what he deserved and Diana dodged a bullet, so to speak.  She just realized she didn’t want to live under that kind of gossip-laden spotlight.  She wanted to make her own way on her own terms.  It was so justifying to see Penelope get rejected, though.