Fated (Servants of Fate Book 3) - Sarah Fine

Book Title:  Fated

Author:  Sarah Fine

Series:  Servants of Fate #3

Genre:  Paranormal Romance

Publisher:  47 North

Source:  Netgalley E-Arc



☆My Pick for Book Theme Song:  Demons by Imagine Dragons



Rating Breakdown

  • Plot:  5/5
  • Characters:  5/5
  • The Feels:  4.8/5
  • Theme:  5/5
  • Flow:  4.7/5
  • Backdrop (World Building):  5/5
  • Originality:  5/5
  • Book Cover:  3/5
  • Ending:   5/5. Cliffhanger: No


Will I read more from this Author?  Yes!!! Link to Goodreads Synopsis.


Overall Rating:  5/5 Stars




I believe, like a lot of reviewers, that this is the best of three books in the Servants of Fate Series.  The action is non-stop and everything that I was confused about from the first two books really came together for me in this final book.  I was apprehensive about reading this because I didn’t think I would like Aislin as a heroine, but she is amazing, actually.  She blew me away.  Moros or Jason (yeah, he has a first name) was quite surprising too.




The world that Sarah Fine has created in this series is intriguing and fantastically thought out.  And while I didn't find it as compelling as the Guards of the Shadowlands series, I did find myself liking it more in this book.


Sex Factor:  Yes there is sex, explicit and actually kind of hot.