Jackaby - William Ritter



Book Title:  Jackaby

Author:  William Ritter

Narration:  Nicola Barber

Series:  Jackaby #1

Genre:  Mystery, YA, Fantasy

Setting:  New Fiddleham, New England 1892

Source:  Audiobook (Library)




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Book Theme Song

Theme to Elementary the TV show on CBS  --what can I say I wasn't overly inspired when it came to a theme song for this book...♫





2.8/5 STARS




My Thoughts


Despite being smartly written and having a highly imaginative plot, I have to say that Jackaby was not for me.  I wouldn't say that it was wretched, by any means, only that I didn't find this to be overly engaging. I believe maybe the Sherlock Holmes style of mystery detecting; mixed with the paranormal elements, just isn't for me.  Although, the audio, is smashingly well done.  I only managed to finish this because I listened on audio, otherwise, this could have very well been a DNF.


Ratings Breakdown


Plot:  3/5

Main Characters:  3/5

Secondary Characters:  3/5

The Feels:  2/5

Addictiveness:  2/5

Theme or Tone:  3/5

Flow (Writing Style):  2.5/5

Backdrop (World Building):  2.5/5

Originality:  3/5

Book Cover:  5/5

Narration:  4/5

Ending:  3.3/5 Cliffhanger:  to be continued…


Will I continue this series?  Most likely, not.