Soulless - Jacinta Maree

Book Title:  Soulless

Author:  Jacinta Maree

Series:  The Immortal Gene #1

Genre:  Dystopian, Science Fiction

Publisher:  Inked Rabbit Publishing

Setting:  Future, Year: 3228

Source:  I received an ARC via Netgalley in exchange for an honest review.



I think I know why I didn't want to read this one for so long...maybe I just had a feeling that I wouldn't be able to get through this.  Another arc that I shouldn't have even asked for, I need to be more discerning.  I am learning, though, to research a book before I request it.  I also haven't requested much of anything lately, so I guess that counts, too.   I'm also pretty sure my arc is the final copy of the book because it was already released by the time that I received it.  I need to check those sorts of things out before I request a book, too.


The story could have been a solid one if the premise was more believable...but I never really understood how the world had gotten to the belief that reincarnation is the same as eternal life or immortality.  Reincarnation is life beginning again not living the one you already have.  I wanted this to clear that up, but it hadn't by the halfway mark, so I just couldn't force myself to go on.   It was that, and the glaring grammatical errors, lines that just didn't make sense, and the characters thoughts and feelings not coming together in a way that felt real to me.  When I realized I was only continuing for the sake of finishing the arc, I had to stop.