Keep Her Safe: A Novel - K.A. Tucker, Roger Casey, Wendy Tremont King, Will Damron, Robin Eller, Simon & Schuster Audio



I love KA Tucker's Romance books, and lately she has been delving into the Suspense/Mystery type of stories, with her other book, He Will Be My Ruin, she was more suspense/mystery and less romance, and I didn't like it quite as much. However, with this, she still has the suspense and mystery but also has a romance.  She is so good at the romance and real-life angst, that I feel she should keep this element in her stories.  It's what makes her books so readable. 


While I didn't understand the title or the cover or how they tied into the story, I still really enjoyed this.  It kept me guessing and suspicious of everyone.  A very intricate mystery, with mysteries inside of mysteries.  Well played.  The narration was good, not great.  Really though, in my opinion, you can't go wrong with having multiple narrators.






Plot~ 4/5

Main Characters~ 4.3/5

Secondary Characters~ 4.2/5

The Feels~ 4/5

Pacing~ 4.3/5

Addictiveness~ 4/5

Theme or Tone~ 4/5

Flow (Writing Style)~ 4.2/5

Backdrop (World Building)~ 5/5

Ending~ 4.7/5  Cliffhanger~ Nope.


Book Cover~ ???...see above

Narration~ Will Damron & Robin Eller with Wendy Tremont King & Roger Casey

Setting~ Austin, Texas and Tucson, Arizona

Source~ Audiobook (Library)