The One - John Marrs







How far would you go to find The One?


A simple DNA test is all it takes. Just a quick mouth swab and soon you’ll be matched with your perfect partner—the one you’re genetically made for.


That’s the promise made by Match Your DNA. A decade ago, the company announced that they had found the gene that pairs each of us with our soul mate. Since then, millions of people around the world have been matched. But the discovery has its downsides: test results have led to the breakup of countless relationships and upended the traditional ideas of dating, romance, and love.


Now five very different people have received the notification that they’ve been “Matched.” They’re each about to meet their one true love. But “happily ever after” isn’t guaranteed for everyone. Because even soul mates have secrets. And some are more shocking than others…







This one will inevitably have you thinking…what if???  I was fully engaged in this, just the idea that there is a certain someone out there, who is our perfect match…according to our DNA, alone has you thinking hmmm…and then you start thinking about all the different scenario's that might play out with this.  John Marrs delves into most of these what if's through the eyes of five different "couples", and I use the term couples loosely here. 


The One is something completely different, contained within this audiobook are some serious OMG moments, that I didn't see coming at all.  Overall, I highly recommend this, just for the sheer audacity and how completely different it is from almost anything else.




4.3/5 STARS - GRADE=A-







Plot~ 4.5/5

Main Characters~ 4/5

Secondary Characters~ 4/5

The Feels~ 4.5/5

Pacing~ 4.3/5

Addictiveness~ 4.2/5

Theme or Tone~ 4/5

Flow (Writing Style)~ 4/5

Backdrop (World Building)~ 4/5

Originality~ 5/5

Ending~ 4.5/5 Cliffhanger~ Nope.


Book Cover~ I love it…simplicity at its best.

Narration~ Clare Corbett, Vicky Hall, Simon Bubb, Jot Davies, and Sophie Aldred.  I had some issues with these 5 narrators (this is British English) but overall, not bad, at least there were separate narrators for each of the five stories.

Setting~ Mostly England…plus a bit of Australia

Source~ Audiobook (Library)