With Malice - Eileen Cook







Eighteen-year-old Jill Charron's senior trip to Italy was supposed to be the adventure of a lifetime. And then the accident happened. Waking up in a hospital room, her leg in a cast, stitches in her face, and a big blank canvas where the last 6 weeks should be, Jill comes to discover she was involved in a fatal accident in her travels abroad. She was jetted home by her affluent father in order to receive quality care. Care that includes a lawyer. And a press team. Because maybe the accident...wasn't an accident. Wondering not just what happened but what she did, Jill tries to piece together the events of the past six weeks before she loses her thin hold on her once-perfect life.






The Good: 



  • A quick, easy listen with no extra filler added to it.
  • A really good narrator.  When dealing with books that have whiney teens, its always good to have a narrator that doesn't come off as overly whiny.
  • This felt like it was really going somewhere…like it was full of potential.


The Not So Good: 


  • About halfway through I started questioning the plot…could this have all played out like this???
  • The MC comes off as unlikable…but this could have been due to fact that she seems to have no one who is in her corner. You're left wondering if this all because of her personality, or because she has such crappy people in her life.
  • A somewhat open-ended ending.  Overall, I was left unsatisfied with the ending.


Despite all these issues, I was still drawn to this story and its potential…I wanted it to wow me, but ultimately it was just meh.












Plot~ 3/5

Main Characters~ 3.7/5

Secondary Characters~ 2.5/5

The Feels~ 3.5/5

Pacing~ 4.5/5

Addictiveness~ 4/5

Theme or Tone~ 4/5

Flow (Writing Style)~ 4.3/5

Backdrop (World Building)~ 3/5

Originality~ 3/5

Ending~ 2/5 


Book Cover~ It's good...

Narration~ 4.3 -Very well done by Whitney Dykhouse.

Setting~ Italy and United States

Source~ Audiobook (Library)