Paradox (An FBI Thriller) - Catherine Coulter





Catherine Coulter



Chief Ty Christie of Willicott, Maryland, witnesses a murder at dawn from the deck of her cottage on Lake Massey. When dragging the lake, not only do the divers find the murder victim, they also discover dozens of bones. Even more shocking is the identification of a unique belt buckle found among the bones. Working together with Chief Christie, Savich and Sherlock soon discover a frightening connection between the bones and the escaped psychopath.


Paradox is a chilling mix of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, old secrets that refuse to stay buried, and ruthless greed that keep Savich and Sherlock and Chief Ty Christie working at high speed to uncover the truth before their own bones end up at the bottom of the lake.






It took me 25 days to complete this…and while it is a long book at 448 pages, it's not a lunker.  I just couldn't get past the inane crap and sappiness this book is bogged down with.  Every single person that is brought into the story has most of their life history thrown into the story…and yet I still felt that I was missing something by not having read the previous books in the series, at least in regards to Savich and Sherlock.  I figured I was taking a chance with that, anyway, since I haven't read any of the 21 previous books in this series.


Paradox is really a story within a story and it's filled with a busload of characters.  Maybe all that inane crap is in there to help you remember all these characters more easily.  IDK. Gunny/Leigh was my favorite character by far and I genuinely enjoyed her story…even her backstory.  There was also this weird supernatural vibe that felt off to me...this could be something that is explained by having read the previous books, too.


I was all set to rate this from 2-2.5 stars up until the ending. It's the only thing that boosted it up to a full 3.  The reveal of the mystery of the bones in the lake was really satisfying and ultimately left me feeling like maybe this wasn't quite so laborious to complete.











Plot~ 3.8/5

Main Characters~ 3.5/5

Secondary Characters~ 3.7/5

The Feels~ 3/5

Pacing~ 2/5

Addictiveness~ 1/5

Theme or Tone~ 3.8/5

Flow (Writing Style)~ 3.5/5

Backdrop (World Building)~ 3/5

Originality~ 3/5

Ending~ 4.3/5 Cliffhanger~ Nope.


Book Cover~ Two Thumbs UP!

Series~ FBI Thriller #22

Setting~ Willicott & Haggersville, Maryland, DC, and Texas.

Source~ I received an ARC via Netgalley in exchange for an honest review