Fires of Winter - Johanna Lindsey

This book "Fires of Winter" by Johanna Lindsey is the first book I ever read and enjoyed. The only books I read at that point were for school and I hated reading back then. I think I was about 20 years old and this book was lying on my mom's "chair" and I picked it up out of boredom and started reading it.  I think I finished in a day (which was before my Mom finished it).  It turns out, I was just reading the wrong books, because I loved it, and so began my love affair with historical romance novels.  I have so many Johanna Lindsey books, and loved them all.  I also have read a lot of Catherine Coulter and Dorothy Garlock, from what I can remember anyway.  Eventually, I branched out and read some John Grisham and Michael Crighton.  


I was reading some of the other reviews for Fires of Winter and...I seriously don't remember too much about this book, apparently there is a rape, and some other crap like that. I think that is the sort of things that Vikings did though.   I liked it at the time, sometimes that happens (i think).  It cannot be that horrible if it inspired me to "love to read".  Am I right?  So, for that reason alone I feel it deserves five stars.


My reviews that I write or try to write are my way of improving my writing skills and expressing how I feel about a book.  I do not wish to be a writer because I really have no good idea's for a book in my head.  I am trying to improve my grammar but I know I slip and often, sometimes I slip intentionally, though.  Hopefully, over time I will improve my writing skills.  When I have time I will try to write reviews for some of the books I have read in the past.  That is why I put the synopsis in my reviews, as a way of reminding me what the book was about.  I will even try to write them for the ones I didn't enjoy that much.