I have been going through my kindle and adding some of my TBR books and some that I have actually read also...and I came across this particular book.




Apparently, even the author knows her book was really bad.  I was trying to add the book "Rook" by Carolyn McCray to my shelves and I couldn't even find it on Amazon usa or uk.  It's not even for sale except in a box set. Don't Read After Dark: Keep The Lights On While Reading These!  (A Carolyn McCray Collection)

This book (Rook) was not even the least bit scary.  I'm giving it one star and that is probably stretching it, but I was fairly new to my Kindle and the Kindle world...so...yeah.

I had a better time trying to solve the mystery of what was going on here then I actually did reading the book.  Thank goodness, I got it for free.