Rock the Heart - Michelle A. Valentine

On one hand , I love a book about Rock Stars, and this delivered on that, but on the other hand the story as a whole didn't quite come through for me.  That's why BookLikes is so awesome, because you can do half stars.


Lanie (Lane) is a good girl, maybe too good, and at the end of high school; she breaks her relationship off with Noel for rather selfish reasons.  Noel is devastated by the break-up and does what a lot of people do when they get dumped, he tries to forget her by fucking every girl he can; which I'm sure is many because he is a lead singer in a popular band, and he is totally gorgeous (of course).  When he finds the opportunity to pull her back in to his life, he jumps on it, and the story ensues from there.



The good:


It is well written. 

I didn't see all of the ending coming.

Noel is a sort of a bad boy rocker, but he is also kind of a sweetheart.


The bad:  


It has a lot of typo's

I seen part of the ending coming.

I'm not sure Lanie deserves Noel, but I'm not 100% on that.  It took me a little bit, but I finally figured out what it is I didn't like about Lanie, she is seriously no fun/boring as hell/personality of a fish.


The second short novella is from Noel's POV, so we will see if I like that better...