Verita - Tracy Rozzlynn

At 30%


So far I feel like this is rather contrived.  It's as if I am watching a movie/TV show with really awful actors.  (Like Disney XD)


(There may be a reason that I felt this way...and it could be I let the cat out of the bag, at 30% into it.)


At 52%


I feel there should be a genre called Tween and this book would definitely belong to it.





Omg, this was difficult to get through, but I did it.


There was not nearly enough action to keep my attention in this book; at least not until the last 20% of the book. Then we finally get some liveliness to the story.  The writing is fine, and the typo's are few.


I think I may have gave a spoiler away at the beginning, when I said it was rather contrived, I don't know though; it just sorta ends, and I guess your then suppose to dive right in to the second book.  I just don't know if I care enough to do so.