World After - Susan Ee

I cannot wait for the next book... I hope it doesn't take as long as the this book did.


I loved this book and the whole series so far...I love how you can never predict where this story is going, you just have to hold on and enjoy the ride.


I love how dark and gritty this book is...this is not your typical Angel story.


I wish there would have been more Raffe in this book...It sucks that we didn't hear anything from him for more than half the book.  I'm not saying it was appalling and it ruined the whole book for me, it just sort of sucked, that's all.


I sort of see Paige as one of those Monster High dolls...just minus all the make-up.




I think this girl would be awesome as Penryn...Phoebe Tonkin form the Originals (Awesome show btw)




I have no clue who would make a good Raffe, maybe someone totally new and different...someone we have never seen before.  Although upon reflection; I think Tyler Hoechlin might be good, he is definitely hot.