Carter Reed - Tijan

Carter Reed is the kind of man that's makes your heart beat a little faster...



(what a cute little heart...)


When I first started reading this I was a little lost, because I had trouble following what was going on and who all the characters were, but I figured out fairly quickly.  They were just kind of thrown at you quick and your inside Emma's head and she keeps remembering her brother AJ and at first I was like:  WTF is going on.  It only took a couple of chapters and I was all good...I liked Emma, but I was frustrated with her, she has some serious communication issues.  I really liked having Carter's POV too, but shit, he didn't give away much (feelings wise) when you were in his did learn a lot about where and why and what he is doing for Emma.  I don't usually like mob type movies, but I enjoyed this book.