Amped - Douglas E. Richards Wired (Wired, #1) - Douglas E. Richards

This two book series made me think, a lot about life and things bigger than me...A little alarming to think that this sort of thing could happen in RL.


Sometimes, I like to break from the norm and read something different, this is a series that fulfills that for me.  


I have read quite a few Michael Crichton novels and enjoyed them despite the fact that most of the scientific jargon goes right over my head, I am usually able to get the essence of what they are trying to convey.  This series reminded me of those, just less scientific jargon.  


It has lots of action with good flow and the characters are well developed.


If this were made into a movie, I think...


Kira Miller could be played by...



and David Desh could be played by...



Damn, do I miss him.


and Matt could be played by...




do you see a pattern here, I think I miss my show, but really Jorge Garcia is exactly what I pictured Matt to look like.