Fractured  - Sarah Fine

...but I'm glad I ignored them and read this anyway, because I really liked it.  I can see where they (the bad reviews) are coming from because this does not take place in the dark city, but rather in present day Rhode Island.  The dark city in the Shadowlands is so gritty and intriguing, you can't help but be mesmerized by it.  


This book takes the story to Rhode Island and Lela's hometown.  I really enjoyed this setting because it was interesting to see Malachi in this "world" and see him adapt to it. There are some new guards to make things more engaging and there is also Lela's classmates at school too.


This is well written and absorbing urban fantasy and I am soooo....looking forward to the next one because I think it might be going back to the dark city, or at least somewhere in the Shadowlands.