Falling for the Ghost of You - Nicole Christie

..."Falling for the Ghost of You" had me wondering if someone was going to die throughout the whole book...let's leave it at that because I don't want to give to much away.


When I first started reading this, I was turned off by how childish the heroine is, I mean she just kept going on and on about how hot this guy (hero) is; it was annoying.  I went and read some reviews for it; and they were all good for the most part so I kept reading and she became less annoying and more likable as the story went on.  About 40% through I realized I was really liking this book.  I didn't see the twist coming and I always like that.


In the end I was still confused about the title, but maybe that is her (the author) purpose with the title, so you don't see what's coming.


On a side note, there is another cover out there with the two characters in a truck kissing...




I like the cover at the top better.