Prodigy  - Marie Lu

This one snuck up on took me awhile to get to about 45% on my Kindle and then all of sudden I was done with it.


It got so intense, I couldn't put it down...there are things about this story that remind me of the TV show "Revolution", which btw is a really good show.  


You have "The Republic" and "The Colonies"...and these two worlds seem vastly different, at least so far, we only get a glimpse into the Colonies and it was an odd place from what I gleaned.


I missed the Bold print for Day's POV...(like I had in Legend) it made it so much easier to distinguish between the to MC's.  I would really like to have it back for Champion.


The ending was I am looking forward to the next book because I don't believe that all is lost yet.  Day and June are perfect for each other despite their differences, they just have to realize it.