...I love to use...(three little dots) on all my posts...because basically that's where I'm      thinking or pausing or both.


...I'm horrible at reviews but I like to think I'm improving as I go along.  I don't want to be a writer someday.  I prefer reading.


... I work in retail, and it has it's pros and cons; I guess, probably more cons than pros.   Which is probably why I love reading so much, ESCAPISM.


...I am the worlds best procrastinator...My motto "Why do today, what you can put off     until tomorrow".  It took me forever to get this post done.  I waited like four days               before I even started it.  


...I live in Michigan, and this winter has been the worst that I can remember in a long       time.  I so want to go to Hawaii some day.


...I don't really like cats all that much, I know that a lot of you do and that's fine.  I LOVE dogs though.  Especially my dog, her name is Maia, shes a black lab.


...I have two teenage daughters, who are cheerleaders...If there is one thing I could tell you about cheer is that it's expensive.  I also have a step-son, and he just plays video games all the time.


...I've recently discovered how much I love Avocado's, they are good on so many things.  I also love nuts, Pecans and Almonds are my favorite.


...My husband is my best friend, sometimes he drives me bat-shit crazy, and sometimes I drive him crazy.


...Right now I really need to get my ass off the computer and take a shower, so I can go get some shit done today.