The Moon Dwellers - David Estes

This is a entertaining and relatively consuming read for such a dismal way for the world to end up.


 I can't really think of a more depressing way to live than underground.  


With no sun, or a breeze.  In the dark.  (I hope they take vitamin D supplements.)


This is all they know, though.


Over 500 years ago; a meteorite was on a collision course with Earth.  Everything was going to die when it hit.  So they burrowed underground, deep underground and held a lottery of sorts for which certain people would be able to go below and live.


There are three realms in the Dweller's Saga. There is the Sun Realm, the Moon Realm and the Star Realm.  Each one gets deeper underground, and darker too.  This first book in the series; takes place in the Moon Realm, and is about Adele and Tristan, who are somehow drawn to each other.  Adele is from the Moon Realm and Tristan is from the Sun Realm.  This book is the just the beginning of a rebellion to the way of life forced upon them from Sun Realm.


The next installment is the Star Dwellers, then the Sun Dwellers.  There is also a fourth book which is a final book for this series and the companion series, "The Country Saga".  It is called Earth Dwellers.


This is very well written, and I would highly recommend it if you like Dystopian Young Adult Stories.