The Sun Dwellers (The Dwellers Saga) - David Estes

I didn't know how it was going to end...I was so worried for them and their quest, I had to read a different book before I jumped back into this one.  


The Sun Dwellers, starts right where Star Dwellers leaves off, it is even more intense than the first two.  Tristan and Roc are with Adele, Tawni, and Trevor on a quest to kill President Nailin.  While intense it still had some amusing parts, especially from the ever witty Trevor.


Separately but together, they are coming of age and into their own.  There is a little more romance in this one, between Tristan and Adele and also between Roc and Tawni (they are so cute together) probably because they are together throughout the entire book.


There is one more book, but before I read Earth Dwellers, I need to read the companion series to Dwellers; The Country Saga, which is the same dystopian world just "up above".  Then Earth Dwellers is suppose to wrap-up both of the Saga's.  Looking forward to it.