The Golden Lily: A Bloodlines Novel - Richelle Mead

Seriously, she always looks so angry in every cover.


The first half of this book kind of dragged for me, it focused mostly on getting to know Sydney better, we delve into her psyche quite a bit.  So, in the long run; it is probably a good thing, but it made it hard for me to stay interested. 


Somewhere after the 50% mark, it picked up and we got some action, thank goodness, pace on the book picked up then too.


Adrian was awesome as usual, he sure has some charisma.  Eddie is fairly awesome himself.  Angeline is developed some much needed social skills too.  The writing is super good also, Richelle Mead doesn't disappoint there.  


I was only give it 3 and a half stars, but the very ending was so satisfying that I bumped it up a half a star.