All the Truth That's In Me - Julie Berry

--Julie Berry, All The Truth That's In Me


This book was frustrating to me in the way that it is written, the random fragments and jumping between different time periods.  It was also riveting, I could not put it down.   It was both these things at the same time.  


It never really says what time period it is, but in the very first paragraph, it says they came over on a boat.  Which could mean all kinds of things, really?  The town or village is named Roswell Station, (when I read Roswell Station in the synopsis I thought maybe it was about an alien aliens though...silly me).  


Judith's story is emotional and compelling.  I kept reading because I had to know the whole story,  I knew there was more to it than what was presented to me in small increments as the story progressed.  The end left me surprised and fulfilled.