What's Left of Me: The Hybrid Chronicles, Book One - Kat Zhang

--Kat Zhang, What's left of me


This is intriguing, and endearing.  I enjoyed it, I just felt like something was missing, like maybe more action or something...


It is about an alternate or futuristic world where all people are born with two souls within one body, for which they each receive different names.  Eventually, around the age of 5 one of the souls recedes or basically disappears and the body is left with just one soul.  For some, this never happens and they are considered Hybrids and they are perceived as dangerous and not fit for society.   


I really felt for Eva/Addie (Addie is the dominant and Eva is the recessive) and how unsure they were of themselves because they were thought of and told they were defective.  The story is told in Eva's voice and beautifully so, and evoked profound feelings in me while listening on Audio; which is wonderfully done by Kim Mai Guest.