Ashfall (Ashfall Trilogy) - Mike Mullin

--Mike Mullin, Ashfall




Under the bubbling hot springs and geysers of Yellowstone National Park is a supervolcano. Most people don't know it's there. The caldera is so large that it can only be seen from a plane or satellite. It just could be overdue for an eruption, which would change the landscape and climate of our planet.

For Alex, being left alone for the weekend means having the freedom to play computer games and hang out with his friends without hassle from his mother. Then the Yellowstone supervolcano erupts, plunging his hometown into a nightmare of darkness, ash, and violence. Alex begins a harrowing trek to seach for his family and finds help in Darla, a travel partner he meets along the way. Together they must find the strength and skills to survive and outlast an epic disaster.


While this book could be depressing, (it is about the end of the world as we know it, after all); it still had it's moments like that quote from the librarian that made you laugh.  I believe she was bartering some food for some books when she said that.


I was thoroughly entertained while reading this book, it never really got bogged down, always something going on, and not always "cringe worthy" stuff either.  They were heartfelt parts and some "edge of your seat" action, plus some funny shit and angsty teenage love parts too.


It it a refreshing, coming of age story with some crazy, holy shit disaster moments.  Darla and Alex's interactions with each other are so endearing, I really quite liked them.


I will definitely be reading the rest of the series.