Life's A Cappella - Yessi Smith

--Life's A Cappella by Yessi Smith.




I want to tell you how great my life was. How I lived without regrets. With constant laughter. Without any tears. I want to tell you how I lived each moment to the fullest. How each breath I took was fresh and full of life. With eagerness. Without any fear.
I want to tell you all of that, but then my story would be masked with lies and not worth telling.
My life didn’t start until I left my past. And I left everything. My mother, my friends, my name.
My new name, the name everyone knows me by is Erin Lewis.
Four years after finding the courage to leave her hometown in Alabama, Erin is finally happy with where her life has led her. Not only is she secure in her environment, but the relationships she has formed center her, making her forget how damaged she once was. Before she can fully settle into her new life, her past crashes into her present, unraveling a set of events that destroy the very foundation she has built her new life on.


This book took me by surprise, for some reason, maybe because it was free; I thought this would be your typical free for kindle read with lots of typo's and a mediocre story line. was actually rather good.  There were some typo's but I don't remember a lot of them.  


It is told from two pov's; Erin's and Shayna's.  Erin is the main character and you eventually find out who Shayna is, and she is not who I thought she was.  This is one of those stories where you think you know exactly what's going to happen and then your surprised by what actually does.


I love the way her and Trent meet in the Florida Keys, it is so perfect.  I just felt like there was a little something missing from their relationship.  I can't really go into that without giving things away, so I will leave it at that.