Quiver (Black Robin) - S.L. Naeole

--S.L. Naeole, Quiver




She has a secret.


He is about to find out just what that secret is.

When Lady Phoebe Locke’s mother died, she left her only child alone with a grieving father who shunned his daughter, the spitting image of his only love. Left to be raised by her father’s servants, Phoebe grew up to be headstrong, impetuous, wild, and loyal to them and their plight...even if that meant jeopardizing herself, the man that she loved, and the careful engagement her father has made for her to Wendell Obrey, the notorious Sheriff of Nottingham..

Christopher Audley’s life has been very different. The second son of a Duke, Christopher pursued the life of a priest, set on serving God and Mary, his Queen. But when he arrives at his cousin’s home with a missive from Mary announcing that his cousin Wendell will inherit his betrothed’s father’s lands and titles upon the birth of his first child, he is shocked and enraged to find the soon-to-be bride consorting with another man in private. His hatred, however, soon turns to confusion and something he didn’t quite expect at all.



My Thoughts:


If your looking for a book with a title that starts with a Q, then Quiver is an OK read for that.  It is not sexually explicit, it's hardly even romantic.  There is a small sliver of romantic notions, but they just...I don't know; left me feeling uncomfortable, mostly.  What it is, is a story about a girl who robs from the rich and gives back to the poor, with the help of her trustworthy black stallion and a bow with some arrows.  At least it's suppose to be, but mostly she's trying to get out of marrying the odious man she is betrothed too.


Robin Hood as a girl...the concept is a worthy one.  She even has a friend name Lilith John (Lil' John), but her name is Phoebe.  This story does take place in medieval times. 


This book left me feeling like there was something missing, something more that I wanted from it, maybe a little less bleakness, and the ending was sort of rushed and didn't make complete sense.  While reading it, I did have flashbacks to the movie Rob Roy.