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Hair mousse: 7 options for shaping the strands


Shaping the hair is a very quick and practical way to alter the look. We have selected the most popular hair mousse options on the Netfarma website to help you choose the best product.


Charming Gloss Detangling Mousse


The Mousse Charming Gloss was developed especially for those buying a modern, effective and, above all, versatile product. It can be utilized each day with dry or damp hair, helping to regulate volume and eliminate frizz. Charming Gloss Mousse can be applied before utilizing a hairdryer, board or baby liss.


Modeling Mousse John Frieda Frizz Ease Curly Reviver Style


Formula with special silicones to soften the tingle and add shine to dry hair. By having an exclusive mix of Panthenol and Polyquaternium, it revitalizes the perm and enhances the curls. Restores elasticity, provides fixation, more balance and naturalness to curly hair. Contains SPF-4, which protects from UV damage. The Frizz-Ease line is indicated for unruly, wavy, frizzy hair with volume.


Sprayset Mega Forte Mousse


The SpraySet Mega Fort Mousse is a new conception in styling products with mega fixation to generally meet probably the most daring hair modeling. In addition it helps to format and print new designs to your hair, to be able to create probably the most varied hairstyles, which meet the brand new market trends. Leaves no greasy sensation and eases with a light kneading of the hair or simple brushing. Ideal to utilize to wet or damp hair and can be utilized to texturize your hair.



Extra Strong Charming Revitalizing Mousse


The EXTRA FORTE Modeladora Charming Mousse was specially developed to model and add volume to the hair. Its exclusive formula, revitalizing and without any ethyl alcohol, contains Pro-Vitamin B5, Silk Proteins and Silicone, which supplies fixation, shine and softness to the wires, and may be applied to dry or damp hair. Indicated for fixing straight and difficult hair to model.


John Frieda Luxurious Volume Building Mousse


Instantly increases the quantity in three dimensions: volume, thickness and lift. Luxurious Volume Thickening Mousse, with an innovative ultralight formula, wraps the strands to make them thicker and stimulates the increase in volume from the main to the ends.


Charming Normal Revitalizing Mousse


The Normal Modeling Charming Mousse was specially developed to model and add volume to the hair. Its exclusive formula, revitalizing and without any ethyl alcohol, contains Pro-Vitamin B5, Silk Proteins and Silicone, which supplies fixation, shine and softness to the threads, and may be applied to dry or damp hair. Indicated for fixing normal, dry or dyed hair. If you would like to learn more, please visit: mouse for curly hair


Eico Mousse More Volume


The swelling mousse helps in the repair and nutrition of the hair while giving volume and body to the hair. Its innovative formula involves the strands making them thicker and stimulates the quantity from the main to the ends. With sunscreen and thermal protection, it protects the wires from heat of a dryer and flat iron.



Diesel engine oil has its own specifics, so it stands out in a separate class. This is primarily due to the deteriorated conditions of fuel combustion - mixture formation occurs already at the end of the compression stroke.


It is also necessary to take into account the increased pressure in the cylinders, because of which the products of incomplete combustion more actively penetrate the crankcase. When the engine runs on high sulfur fuel, the rate of oil aging, compared with gasoline engines, increases significantly.


ROLF Lubricants GmbH, developing new varieties of specialized diesel oils, focuses on increased stability, uses effective dispersant and detergent additive packages.


Characteristics of diesel oils


The main characteristic of diesel engine oil (from an operational point of view) is viscosity. Its change depending on temperature determines the applicability of the product for a particular engine, as well as the possibility of all-weather use.


According to the list of operational properties, engine oil for diesel is allocated:


  • increased alkaline number . If allowed by the quality class, as the oil is actively gaining acidic compounds. This is especially true when the CPG is worn out and the diesel fuel is of unsatisfactory quality;


  • active work of dispersing and washing additives . The oil must reliably retain soot, clean the engine of soot, allowing the oil filter to separate the particles of contaminants;


  • excellent antiwear properties . Diesel engines are characterized by high loads on the crankshaft even at low speeds, when the oil pressure in the lubrication channels is the least;


  • thermal stability . Despite the fact that the diesel engine due to the high efficiency is “colder” than the gasoline, at a number of points the oil can be heated significantly above the operating temperature of the engine itself. This is especially true for powerful turbodiesels.


High-quality engine oil for diesel cars is produced with the addition of a balanced and complex package of additives. This is especially true for specialized products that must comply with current environmental standards. They should also be designed for the use of multicomponent catalysts and particulate filters in the exhaust system.


Classification of diesel engine oil


For a more convenient selection of oil according to the characteristics of the engine should focus on the standardization system of lubricants. The oldest of these and the most common is the American Petroleum Institute (API) system. In it, oils for diesel engines are included in a separate group with the prefix C (Commercial).


The European ACEA system initially allocated diesel oils to group B, the standards were numbered numerically in the order of adoption. But after the introduction of Euro standards and the increasing complexity of toxicity reduction systems, two new class groups were created:


  • ACEA C - oils for engines that comply with environmental standards Euro 4 and above. The standard includes specific requirements for ash content, phosphorus and sulfur content, designed primarily for passenger vehicles;


  • ACEA E is an oil classification system for heavy diesel vehicles. Oils of this group do not have interchangeability in the order of indices, selection is carried out in direct accordance with the requirements of the manufacturer of the equipment.


Types of Base Oils


Initially, engine oils for diesel engines were produced on a mineral base - oil refining products. Moreover, low-speed diesel engines with a low specific power, in comparison with gasoline, lasted longer for mineral-based oils. More stringent quality classes were introduced more slowly. For commercial vehicles with its significant annual mileage, it was very important that mineral oils have the lowest cost.


At the same time, due to the unsatisfactory stability of the mineral base, it had to be supplemented with an increasing volume of additives, bringing the quality of engine oil to an appropriate level. With the proliferation of turbodiesels, where loads have increased significantly compared to low-boosted atmospheric engines, a need has emerged for more stable and high-quality motor oils.




5 machine shop tools: what can't be left out?


If you are an employee or a workshop owner, you should certainly know that tools for machine shops can be the greatest facilitators of team work, but they can also be a critical problem for the operation of the workshop. In the same way that they make services much easier, their lack can give you a lot of headaches.


Few workshops are able to afford the high cost of investing in a wide range of tools. But at the same time, customers are always looking for the best services and the best professionals. So, what to do?


Which machine shop tools to buy




In virtually any type of car repair or repair, pliers are essential. Obviously, there are many specific types, sizes and functions of pliers and you don't need to buy them all.

So, while universal parts can help a lot in everyday life, it is important that you have pliers for more specific repairs carried out in your workshop.


For example, to pick up small parts, the nose pliers are the most recommended. Using cutting pliers for this function is more difficult and risky, as it can damage the part and reduce its agility.




The different types of keys will assist you with one of the elements most present in cars: the screws. To deal with them, there are several types of wrenches: spanners, wrenches, allen etc.


In many situations, considering the essentiality of these tools, making a slightly larger investment can be an advantage for your team. Because they are used a lot and, consequently, are very worn, quality keys can increase durability and save you money.


In addition, the same saying for pliers also applies to keys. There are a multitude of different types and you should be aware of the specific functions that each of these types supports. Using a particular key in a service that it was not designed to fulfill can damage the key or even the car.


Torque meters (torque wrench)



Let's imagine a situation: a certain car manufacturer says in the mechanical manual that you need to exert a certain torque value on a part of the vehicle to adjust it. But how will you measure this strength? This is precisely the function of the torque wrench.


This tool is responsible for measuring the force you must apply to tighten or loosen the metals in a particular part, such as screws.


It is responsible for not causing you to exert too much or too little force, preventing damage to the entire metal structure. Another important factor in the use of this tool is the high level of precision it provides for adjustments and repairs. So don't leave it out!


The choice of the torque wrench should also be made with caution, paying attention to the different types that the market has to offer. For example, there are dynamic, snap torque wrenches, etc.


Automotive lifts


Automotive elevators came to change the appearance and functionality of the auto repair shop for an important reason: they practically extinguished the ditches that were used for work under the vehicles.         


In addition, the elevators make it possible to increase the number of cars that your workshop holds, as it is possible to place one car under another.


Therefore, even if it is not a cheap tool, automotive elevators can change the entire dynamics of your workshop, bringing more customers and increasing your service capacity. View here for more info: mechanic tools




Finally, it is impossible to stop mentioning one of the most well-known and popular tools: monkeys. Near the automotive elevators, the monkey can be considered almost archaic. However, make no mistake! It can be extremely useful in simple and quick repairs, providing practicality and speed. A good example of use is changing tires.