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5 machine shop tools: what can't be left out?


If you are an employee or a workshop owner, you should certainly know that tools for machine shops can be the greatest facilitators of team work, but they can also be a critical problem for the operation of the workshop. In the same way that they make services much easier, their lack can give you a lot of headaches.


Few workshops are able to afford the high cost of investing in a wide range of tools. But at the same time, customers are always looking for the best services and the best professionals. So, what to do?


Which machine shop tools to buy




In virtually any type of car repair or repair, pliers are essential. Obviously, there are many specific types, sizes and functions of pliers and you don't need to buy them all.

So, while universal parts can help a lot in everyday life, it is important that you have pliers for more specific repairs carried out in your workshop.


For example, to pick up small parts, the nose pliers are the most recommended. Using cutting pliers for this function is more difficult and risky, as it can damage the part and reduce its agility.




The different types of keys will assist you with one of the elements most present in cars: the screws. To deal with them, there are several types of wrenches: spanners, wrenches, allen etc.


In many situations, considering the essentiality of these tools, making a slightly larger investment can be an advantage for your team. Because they are used a lot and, consequently, are very worn, quality keys can increase durability and save you money.


In addition, the same saying for pliers also applies to keys. There are a multitude of different types and you should be aware of the specific functions that each of these types supports. Using a particular key in a service that it was not designed to fulfill can damage the key or even the car.


Torque meters (torque wrench)



Let's imagine a situation: a certain car manufacturer says in the mechanical manual that you need to exert a certain torque value on a part of the vehicle to adjust it. But how will you measure this strength? This is precisely the function of the torque wrench.


This tool is responsible for measuring the force you must apply to tighten or loosen the metals in a particular part, such as screws.


It is responsible for not causing you to exert too much or too little force, preventing damage to the entire metal structure. Another important factor in the use of this tool is the high level of precision it provides for adjustments and repairs. So don't leave it out!


The choice of the torque wrench should also be made with caution, paying attention to the different types that the market has to offer. For example, there are dynamic, snap torque wrenches, etc.


Automotive lifts


Automotive elevators came to change the appearance and functionality of the auto repair shop for an important reason: they practically extinguished the ditches that were used for work under the vehicles.         


In addition, the elevators make it possible to increase the number of cars that your workshop holds, as it is possible to place one car under another.


Therefore, even if it is not a cheap tool, automotive elevators can change the entire dynamics of your workshop, bringing more customers and increasing your service capacity. View here for more info: mechanic tools




Finally, it is impossible to stop mentioning one of the most well-known and popular tools: monkeys. Near the automotive elevators, the monkey can be considered almost archaic. However, make no mistake! It can be extremely useful in simple and quick repairs, providing practicality and speed. A good example of use is changing tires.